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a human in black

September 18, 2012





           When my King speaks


I am a princess of a sin darkness

Where I put the light on sometimes,

When my King have to speak.

He is borning me in that place

Like a silver foot in the tinny lines

Of the light  ‘couse I’m so weak.


Then I’m all ears ‘n’ I’m listening

Rough sounds of his message,

And I’m crying then a lot,

Which is a little like a loveing.

I don’t know in my oldy age

Do I speak or hate or what.


But when I have to talk to Him,

He doesn’t love, He doesn’t cry,

I only see that He is smileing

Like I have never had a sin

And like I almost have to die

‘couse I see my King is dieing.


It happens over and over again

And I like to be near my darkness

Couse He speaks ‘n’ I dont’t plain.

I’m becoming His tinny lightness.

Sept. 02.  1350  Sunday




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