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A touch

September 18, 2012




          If I touch you




If I  touch you, maybe roughly,

If you don’t want  to think about,

I will be very quiet.

I even won’t be ill and coughly

And  will be a piece of crowd,

As usuall, silent.



But if you’re in the mood

To look behind your shoulder,

You’ll  see me smileing.

I’m standing like  I stood,

My looking is now older:

In The Body I died.



If I touch you very easy,

Let you know to your spirit

That I’m only windy bird

From the charry wich is dizzy

And singing some lyrics

All over the world.



If I touch you in the spirit,

That is my answer,

My very secure happyness.  

I’m takeing  a bullit,

What it is a dancer!

Here I am,  in my lonelyness.


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