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The moment of etternity

September 19, 2012
the same day





      a moment of eternity
1045 ANIVERSARY OF THE DAY WICH CHANGHE THE  WORLD? WHY? couse americans decideD. they have to be u¨bermensches,NOTINHING LESS.

now they are alone and londsome in the world and they are tying to involvd the whole world in their world and trying to get more Bil Gateses.

they do not want everybody,they are choosing what they think they need. but
the world  runs so fast and they couldn’t  know what will they realy need, specialy if they have a big plans.
so much about this aniversary.
WE HAVE AN ANNIVERSARY,    and thats repeating something like: i am here, i am still here.
and i aways will if God let me to.
it means hallo. it means repating a moment of giving ourselves when The Holly Spirit was almost complitely in our hearts and we knew that in one tinny momement which was eternity, a smile of eternity only for the two of us, we belong to each other; it means that we have a sign to recognize each other in every possible way and more of that in Christ. it is so spiritual and pretty deep, deeper than the world with his laws and it is  a meeting in various kinds of liveing: we can look each other, we can hear each other, we can sing together …we can say it: it is our day in everything that is mean. and in all this, you know  much better than me what is happening and you think it so normal, but i, i want to say people: look what you could live, the better life, eternity life, you can have a security in good on this planet, in this space, you can love God, but if you do not love a man, every man on earth or man whom do you meating, you cannot love God , even Holly Marry, even yourselves.

you think you love your selves, but without loveing God and loveing man who is loveing God, you cant go furher. and i get it. i did it. i ‘ve found that relation betwen another man, me and God. that is a fact. that is a conclusion on wich you can make many more conclussions like:  whatever i do can help me, but whatever i do like it is the urgent, and that is not loveing in God – doesn’t help me at all, it is like a body wich do not mean nothing ecsept a small breath- everything i did is only one tinny breath in my whole life ,  even if tryed hard to get well, to get  education, to have  a wife,  a children,  a job, to have a rest , to make something big and honest… that moment of eternity is only and everythin that is worth fighting in every situation in life.

don’t ecspect the love because you do not know what are you expecting. dont expect… fight with all your strainght for just one moment in life, for the moment of eternity. 1200


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