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September 25, 2012
Planet  Earth's day

kids from Rasha, Zagreb




I was some  kind of  mystic

Till  I’ve found Ressurection…

I would say that we put a  deffinition „dimension“ on time ‘n’ place and we see two different categories in one place, in the same  field of us. I spoke i have a lot of fields. Every i live complitely, with spirit, soul and body, but in a biblical, St. Paul’s way.

 I feel my body like „soma“, not like „sars“ and the body you cant  take from the soul, heart, thinking. Only, i see that will is above  my soma and it is from my spirit,  the brain only sends a message forward…

So, time wich we measure by sun and etc, all  that astronomy… it helps us to put some rules in us but nothing else (we will measure always  like this: „ that day i was happy or  guilty“, and so  on,  but it is still not timeing like time in Life).


Time is „what“ not when, but place is   „where“   really  for me. Place is me, place is very  deep and important.


One conclussion is  that i live timeing  in that way wich is needed, sometimes it lasts  longer, sometimes is so quick that i can do  a lot of things in a second.









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