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Justice of Europe

September 26, 2012

Apologie,  your honer,

Apologie,  Europe Union,

How could we  resist?

You  are a donatoner

Of goods and  with union

Here of communists,



Cro got no choice.

This nation is waitting

While you play the chess.

You got the voice,

Yes for creating

Union where all are blessed.



We know our position,

History is a teacher;

You’re only a moneymaker

And  always the inquisition.

Bruxelles is a preacher,

Den  Haag is a shaker.



How could  some know

And teach about the justice,

Full of Mrs. Byrocracy

And so idealistic thow

So cant see the  pricelist:

Wictims of idiocracy



Reap as they sow,

Everybody will

Sooner or later.

So, who  made thou,

Always  stay still

Like  your slater.


under you are the stars,money is under your foots


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