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areas in human

September 28, 2012

there  are numbers of fields in  human which are relating  in many dimmensions. this is one example



bottom of soul with love ( red ) and selfishness ( black)

why selfishness? couse the baby is not wanted and had to develop selfdefence.  if it is wanted, love of human, through spirit  give love of Holly Spirit and baby is full of love.


The  person is in the  beeing  always a relation(s).

– selfish  baby in deffence  has reality without very special gifts  of Holly  Spirit, aldow it has Him down  deep  and all  arround

it could be born,  it could  grow like a “normal” child


–  baby  who survive talks  about  abortion  from  his parents is  a scary child, could be autistic, but it is God’s child just like one

-who has love without selfishness



Scarry  child has some more fields  ( areas )  of reality,  he knows much more about suffer than his parents and suffer is to clean the heart  –  that’s one field of reality  and the other is little passive   resistance and  the  third  is commmon selfish defence

That all when  the baby is not born  yet and it develope many other fields like  vibrations,  listening music, feeling the touches, understanding Spirit,  understanding the speach of love, selfishness or throwing away






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