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September 28, 2012

Have to say something about the language.

Always like to put my own language, sometimes it is  very important  to know grammar, but sometimes  my language  is I, like the language  of soul, or of thoughts  but deeper. That what i know for sure,  i tested it in my introspective essay where i go by now till the childhood, even till the moment when my parents  were  makeing  me…i’ve heard that genetic says that arroundness  is very important for gens when they „desideing“ what  will go in a child ( which illness,  which gift , etc ). That i  tried to explain: the speach of inside of me, the speach of my  deepnes was exploring how deep is my illness  and how  it started. Because  i talk about such abstract thing, the language could lost the point if i would write  „properly“,  and  what does it mean anyway. Today properly is everything and do not forget that i come from isolation, not only because of illness. It is more because of

nonthinking of dictature which boders me so much and now i have to grow into a giant over night when going  to  eu, but that is another story.

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