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Jesus, my Way

September 28, 2012

PRESUMPTION like the entrance  into ETERNITY



If i  only suppose   that ETERNAL LIFE IS A FACT AND  FOLLOW  WHAT Catholic  Church LEARNS AND TAKE THE BODY  OF CHRIST,  it is  the Way  i make  many  logical  conclussions about reality of  eternal Life, couse  LOGOS have  logic above every logic. ON ONE FACT,YOU GOT MANY AND MORE AND MORE CONCLUSIONS  .

Than  i contemplate  Thruth and that you cannot do without  believing, fidelity, religiousnessy, and  religion; thrust  in The  Kross of Christ is  a prove that He lives, that God exist like a  person in relation  with everythiong, bigerr than that, and in relation with human.


If  you only start with  a  presumtion, you  are entering in reality of eternal  life.

Taht is Way, Thruth and Life. Just one of many.


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