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Teaching means doing

September 28, 2012

it was a preach about ” weeks in religion”  and  idols, i don agree to give  a child every  opportunity we mean,  children know a lot




Sept 13            weaks and idols

2002 we’re all weak in our religion, or i think so couse i do not move the hills, not like that how it can be visible

it is hard, to bless honesty someone who is very bad to you. if you answer him with blessing, he may  make a conclusion that he can, is allowed to be worse.
i had roughly words in childhood, but it made me honest. i don’t know how you can teach your children if you let them  know that you are blessing them.
once i gave a bless, but was thinking: here it is if that is what you want, but i don’t mean it, i wish you to be less happy then ever.
once a person told me so bad words that i remember them, after forty years, only i forgived, but with some feeling that i am better than that person and that, i think, is not forgivenes. man only can often say: let Lord forgive you. Jesus said that, like he didn’t forgive, but he asked Father to forgive the people couse they do not no what are they doing. and to explain people, and show people what are they realy doing is the best way to forgive. if i prove somebody what is wrong, it is easy to forgive; but if i have no oportunity to speak, im dieing. i can say a pray and let the things go like they go, but that is exactly what i hate, that is what devil expect of people, not to worry too much about weaks. then he has another one for his work. and he again work on weaks and people only say a prey and they do nothing and devil has much more of the same person wich became his. and we must speak and speak, not only prays. we cannot live without pray, but prays are not the purpose of christians’ life – many think so, but it is not  the truth.
my friend asked me questions to see if i am not-doer because she knew that im going to church and praying and celebrating Lord.
couse of that, i hate when people only pray and don’t think that they would do something more in the world, every of us, not only “who has a gift” couse we all have many big gifts, not only watching children. children do what they see, not what are thay told to do. so, to learn the children means DOING , not commanding, praying and speak like the children are something less worthy couse they are not  big yet. they are big, of course they are, and to learn children is exactly a surprise to somebody who try to learn them.

to know very good your  own child, that i do not feel is good. in our region, it is  makeing connections when chil d must make a connection with a world and Christ. but parents make connections only with themselves, that’s too bad.

today was about meat for idols, St. Paul. if a christian think that idols of others are shame – that is not christianity. i respect when somebody like idols, but if you know that he is realy a christian and says that he is the christian, then you mustn’t tolerate idols, that what Paul didn’t mean. maybe today , in Africa there are some idols which has to egsist, but christianity has to speak about Jesus in a positive way to explain the differentses between Lord and idol. Jesus is life, a man of flash and blood like every man who is also a thruth and than you can say that he is  a Trine God, when some understand that idol has no life, has a mouth and do not speak, has hands, but do not do anything.

today christians have idols pretty much, i do , too. to drink coffie and to smoke cigarettes means to have an idol and if you don’t do that in the morning when you have not urgent job, you feel bad. i say little pray and then, after i open the eyes realy, i can pray like i have to.2101


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