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West Afganistan

September 28, 2012




I was born under  the warning star,

Never took a peacefull place

Anywhere in the history.

Like to stand behind the bar

And waiting for the grace

Wich I have, it’s a mistery.


I was born from  the water

And  had got s a spirit mind

Wich is pretty awesome

( that’s the word of  slotter).

I am always in the line,

But im never londsome.


Like to morm ‘n’ to strike,

Never saving money, 

Never earned a company.

Go to job on the bycke,

Love to kiss my honey

Who rides a little pony,


Has a coocking mamma

And a grown sony – boy

Who strikes and  dance,

Singing hary – rama;

A granate is his toy.

Never asking, always vote

For the big promisses

in my life without school;

always on  the right cote,

me and boy ‘n’  my Misses,

living life very cool.


I am not in Afganistan,

But I am in the Europe,

Somewhere on the South.

Here we have an old wisdom,

Don’t ever make a drop,

Don’t ever shut the mouth.


From → homeland

  1. thanks, very much ( i tought you’re man ),…

  2. thanks, i put our mountain , thinking of You, Patrick

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