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A Bridge without prejudy

September 29, 2012



I’m playing with the letters

But not with my verses,

Don’t know if it is lyric.

Some of my poems are better;

Many  with a hidden purposes,

Sometimes written with a  spirit



Which many can understand.

But the only lyric I have

Is mostly like childish

Hand writting and I can’t

Do it in the other way

And don’t want it. I wish



I could make a revolution

In my personal poetry,

In my poetry mind.

Couse I think I’m a polution

Of a new seel in the county.

Be sure am a sign,


The child who likes

The avangard drama

With one actor

Who’s acting a heartbites.

I’m a childless mama,

A crucial factor



In the new big family

Called a global village,

Searchin for a  man

Who don’t have prejudy

About the art. I’m a bridge

That exists for a human.



From → art'n'language

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  1. thank you, guys

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