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savage planet

October 1, 2012



Battle  against Turky 16th  century,  see Wikipedia

chapter about  citizents:
Although the central authorities of both the Ottoman Empire and Austria were rather reluctant to fight each other after several campaigns on Hungarian and Moldovian land and four renewals of the 1547 truce, large scale raids were being mounted into each other’s territories: There had been numerous raids into Hungary by Akinci, the irregular Turkish light cavalry, and on the other hand, Uskoks (Christian refugees from Croatia, Dalmatia, Serbia and Albania) were being encouraged to conduct raids into Ottoman territory on the Balkans. “These Uskok raids became so damaging that the Bosnian provincial forces replied with a savage raid across the Urina and Sava, capturing a number of major Habsburg forts and taking so much booty”[3] that the Habsburg Empire had to react. According to Stanford J. Shaw “the emperor renounced the peace treaty (October 1592) and sent a force that routed the Ottomans at Sissek/Siska.”[


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