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October 1, 2012

concrete poem

                 Against  abstraction




I’ve met a   google  translater, it’s  so funny,  some  better  understand  in croatian  who  knows  a  little.


Once  again,  i  was  reading  a  blog  about   writting and   get  approvement  when  i  see  that it’s about  critics, i must speak :  sorry   for  grammar,  if  i  would  be  a  writter  and  made   a  masterpiece,  i  would  translate  properly ,  with  help, of  course, but now i have only to think on what i  want  to say, and  than  how to say.




A  year  ago,  when i went out a  little from  illnes  and  opened the profile  on facebook, i  have  met  people   wich  seemed opposite  of my deepnes and  i tried   to catch as  kind  of  thinking as  normal  and  healty.  Than  my  stile  beginnes  and  writting.  I  was politicaly  interested  couse   the  war  was in my memory ,  things that happened  from  2000 in politics  and i’ve  found nice  friends  whose   convesations   forcing  me  to react extremely…  and so on, and  my language  became  different in my  mothers language.  So, my stile  is   that.  I love the  truth et work. To  see what’s real,  not  upgraded  and  upgrading  becoming  nicer  and  nicer.0110  1610 p.s. i  agree,  it is not important to be rich very and famous, but express yourself  as good  as  you  can.  Than  some  can  recognize  that  work  like  truth  in himself;  like  i  recognize  quallity  when  reading.




Just one more   thing,  i do not  want  to  be  abstract.



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