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Continuing the essay

October 2, 2012

SMILE, second part,             A  letter

What I   think is not  knowing will  I  start  in  english  or in  croatian….  and I do  not starting.

So many virtual happenings in  my  head  last week and  real work at home  and visiting the temple  that don’t know where  to  start.

First, i am impressed  with this bloging and very nice hosting and then , so full of  nostalgy  for my mother grammar ;  I  have  never travelled far away  from  home, that tighteness for home is  too  strong.  Why is that so?  Am I so unsicure?

And , on my  wall at home standing a new bambus, I do not have a bed any more, I  feel  wonderfull and intend to  buy cheep bambus chair and little bambus table or desk or shells.

And that New Ones, that new team is really nice, exactly what  you ‘ ve  said ,  people love them, they are carefull and so  much in the heavens or I am.

Today was about the angels quardians, but that is very sensitive contemplation to say…

That little flame I  saw, remember, I said that it  was Holy Spirit, but now, what I hear, see and smell could me my loving angel.

I want to put this article on the blogosphere, so  I will be short: I hear your will, but the most I talk with Lord. 0210   2255


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