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October 4, 2012

Me and  my Government

Democrasy  is  very  heavy   (  it  means    not   for  free  )   on  my  Government’s official  page. I  have  that  my  truck  and  poor possibility  to  change  pages  faster  in a  moment.  We   are  poor   people,  I  speak  in the  name of  ordinary   people, can’t  go  on  web  to  connect  with  a top  of  the  State.  Yet,  i ‘ve  found  that  only  way  to  have a   cup  of  esspresso  with someone from  the  Top  is  to  try  to get  on twitter.

So,  I   thought  we are  cenzured here,  but  some  can reach the Top.

I  am  very  happy of that,   couse  I  see what   are  those  guys  on the  left   are  doing

And  they  are  really  doing  something. I am  on  the  right,  but  had  to  see  the  other  side.

I  will  compare:  Catholic Church looks  like  She does not  do   much,  too.

That is  only compare  I  can  do, because  socialists are opposite of catcholic   conffession,

Aldow they  think  that  that all  is   the  same.

One  good  lesson  from  Philosofy  says:

1.  you  have  to  believe  that God   exist  ( ALL OF  THEM  )

2. you have to  believe   in  God  (SOME BELIEVE )

3. you  have   to believe  God   ( THAT’S  NOT  A  PHILOSOFY  ANY  MORE,  THAT’S   RELIGION )


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