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When I put the finger on You

October 4, 2012

unknown artist


When I talk to You, You  always  know before me what  is happening  im me and  You’re drawing  me in some kind of pictures what Iam, Your only son. You make  the world  go arround just because of me, to  find You in that screen of world, putting  me in connections  with  everything  and   everybody.  I am connected then  with  a  person who is near by with  whom I don’t speak anything and with person who is far away  with whom I am changing  informations.  You  give  me friendshipness, like we are the same, but wisspering  that I will not suffer if I continue doing  honestly like  I  do, even I have  to   go  a  little  bit  up, always  You ask of me   to go up and up and  in the same  time You only saying the pictures of  sickurenes, faith,  some  kind of piece in my blood, You never told me that You love me or that I am  wrong. Only You are saying: go up, go up and up on that way  I  put in front of you, go up more !

When I don’t talk to You, when I do not speak,  I  look for You everywhere, even I  am not concious that I do so, only I don’t  see very often that You are by me when I  look  at that world…Isee  little diferrence between us  and  some  not  so important things which look like they are not worth  mentioning…. in that moments I am exploding.

Couse  I see the enemy. In small, unimportant things, like one wrong  word,  or,  what is  the worst, when I hear  some  speak about You like You are not present,  I see it in the acksent, in the color of  voice, they are mentioning Your name, Your words, they  don’t know what are they missing  and  I can’t everybody show my pictures  You’re giving me about Yourself. Only I can is to listen carefully to interrupt talk in exactly right moment and  throw  out the piece of Your famous glory     Truth shuts up the speach of enemy. Then I think:  can I go more up than that?

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