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Ma Paradise

October 5, 2012

My „working  throne“ is actually  the  whole  floor. I have a  tastature on my knees. It is bigger and safer. Something  ineteresting  is that  I  have  IBM 1997  truck, word and excell from 2003, and, I don’t know how  I have Windows  8. I am for home use,  so it is no so illegal.

Yes, I call my  truck „I“ and I am feeling  freedomfull  with  it.

Under my knees  are  many cables  couse I have  two  TVs , one is for many  channels  and  the  other  is for  music.  I adore attics,  but they don’t let me up.  So,  I have a  lot  of  bambus on the wall  to  fill  like I  am in the  shelter. It  is my residence  for  surfing  and  writting.

On  the other side  is an original  suitcase   from   sixties in where my books are,  everything  reachable  near  me.

The worst ting,  I  have on the chair  where is my old truck a  lot of space for tools  like  tobbacco, the clock,  mobile without  a  penny,  a paper  and pencils.   Close near is another  chair with  watter  and coffie.

On the  floor is  a  military beg  for sleeping,  sitting  and  pilows  and   under that is a purple turkish  carpet.

Jesus on my own like a  drowing is on the left  wall, He  controls my  actions and  my inside.

I  am  a  part of a big kitchen, and  wonderfull  big  windows through which  my neighbors  are  listening the noises  and  silents.

Of course, I am in paradise.


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