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October 5, 2012



She lived in a small town.  That she knows because news  were traveling fast ,  in  a day, and then they  stood in the papers  for  a  week  with small  digressions.  If she  discovered something  new ( it could be the old news too,  but in the other way said, than people who didn’t understand what is she talking  about thought that  every her word is  a news),  the news were changed, but people started  to make every  his own  story about how the  soap opera will continued. She  wasn’t able  to ask somebody even  just such a  small question like: „ WHAT  YOU  WANT?“ NOBODY NEVER ASK HER DIRECT QUESTION AND SHE CONCLUDE, SO SCARY, THAT SHE IS HAVING A PARANOIA.. an so on.


But did people   ever do the thinking? No.


She was ill  and scary, she had nigtmeers, she was complitely  lost in time and organization   of  home things.   TERRIBLE   SCARE  PUSH HER TO DOCTORS  AND SHE WAS  BETTER,


PEOPLE TEASES  HER VERY MUCH. ONE GOOD  FRIEND  FOUND OUT   WHAT BORDER  HER  MUCH  :                EVERY TIME HE MET HER, HE  SAid :“Dear, dear…“  and  it  was  so.


Blessing after that friend, she telefoned  that she had a headacke and went  to the hospital.  It was  much better,  thanks to her friend who was the latest  drop in the glass.


Nobody bellievs her diagnosis, people  became the opposit, they were trying  to say :YOU’RE NOT MAD!“ she knew than that they are thinking exactly that she IS  mad.



Do people  deffence themselves?  Yes.



I know that girl, she is pretty young and  trying the new medicine,  the  latest.  She  never felt better.

But she is speaking , telling stories about everything   and everybody, she tried to brake the past, give herself a terappy.

People avoid her.


Some said: „ don’t  mention me“.


Isn’t it better to be mad and  have a curriage?  Yes.


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