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Jesus laboratory

October 6, 2012

What Jesus found interesting?


He was  surprise  with nonbelieveing , with adoring  idols which means  adoring  nothing, with hypocrisy of human whose duty was  to sainting  people and their spirit. That  people do not  let ones who search for God to understand really  his words which was not understandable for menny, however.


When He saw that people who don’t attend   the Temple,  but  adoring God praying on  hills ,  it looked  like David and Salomon  have build Him a Temple  just  for Him  to be alone in it.


In that times  population was  not big. Nobody could know  anything and everybody who knew something  was  called  a  magician.


There  is  not  a magician in  New Testament, when Jesus started his work. He brought knowledge with other holy  things.


Today magic  and adoring  nothing  exist all around the world. Jesus  is adored like always  before like an  idol and the knowledge called  „science“ often  behave like it has no connection with religion, like  it  create itself alone.


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