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Laisy Saturday

October 6, 2012



Sometimes feel, feel various kind of love, pain…and nothing else. Don’t feel  anger, try to find sharp and dicent words and throw them out. Don’t feel yelaoussy because God loves you the most.

Sometimes do not feel. Often, it’s better. You can do the thinking about what love could be. You can even  contemplate when praying, but then it is hard to control  feeling which  comes  in contemplation and praying, and I mean real praying. Make a coversation with Lord, He knows only your language, which nobody else knows. In that way you know that it is Him  who  answered.

When you feel joy, you call it happynes,  that is for real  the piece  of Truth.

You can always be inloved, it doesn’t  mean that you always have to feel something.

Or, you feel , but your heart,  your mind have to be involved in many things, it is very busy, even today, on Saturday, when a weekend pasts easy  and slowly, you probably  go shopping or so. Pitty. You can try not to feel desperation because you haven’t enough money or you have it too many. Stop  that feelings for money, start  to do not feeling  like you do not thinking now, on facebook or in twitter.


If bad news boder you try to think  how you are blessed if you are at laisy  home this Saturday. Do not try to enjoy. Try to do the thinking about love, it is not a feeling.


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