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My Part Only

October 6, 2012



                 Only my Part of my  HEART


Now it doesn’t happening anything. Not able to write a song. Got no theme. What about pray? Contemplation? Let’s see, what Jesus think about blogging…that i have to proclaime the Gospel,  but don’t know, don’t see what’s wrong, nothing   telling me that it have to be changed like in the  comunism.

I don’t know the English Gospel, and have said some things. Today,  there is no inspiration, I am  waiting patiently. It looks like I rather learn the language.

I ‘ve already describe me life and do not have more to say, i  do not know how to say.


Who is the biggest in the Kingdom of Heaven? A  small child. Are we children? Yeah, we are playing with blogs, but what  with Syria? Wars  are going on. And we are  playing. Think that’s normal.  Something’s wrong, human wants to live a life, his own life. Once you experience war, you can  stay  like normal, but little different. When you ‘re always in the war zone, you can’t live without war  any more because  you have the feeling, beautyfull pure feeling that you are  alive.

We, who  are playing do not feel like that. We do not know that someone’s good life  is good in the other  way, and  that is the way of not only taking informations and earning the money and doing  what you like…something’s missing.


That  you know the best when  some start to push  to  strong one thing till the enormous borders, beyond every  measure.  I saw the photographs , many of them very nice in some way, very professional and some are showing  searching for the new  things, more and more. That’s childish, but Jesus didn’t think that child have  to be like that. A child  have a   pure, clean heart which is empty, has a lot of space, free of many colors or details that doesn’t match perfectly. A child’s speech is without doing the thinking and thinking is a  process  which is happening between heart and speech. We may say the child is immediately out with  whole his heart, but we are not.


And what does it mean  „with whole heart“, like we live with a half of  a heart? And the other part of it we save

for  ourselves. What  to do   with  that OUR part of the heart? Praying? NO! WE HAVE TO TALK FULL AND DO ALWAYS THE BEST, IN EVERY CASE.1546


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