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Wish and Provocation

October 6, 2012

Frank McCourt


Sometimes,  when I wish to write, I need a special  atmosfhere, a candle, Chopin, dark light, much of  space,  coffie….  than I know, it will be nothing worth because I don’t really know what I want to say. Suddenly the  theme  is  gone.

And I wish to write .

That is all I  have,  a  wish. That is all I need, except the theme. Provocation, a good provocation.

Never was  good in describing lyricly, only when I was a kid, even then it was very  rare that I had inspiration, for a sentence or two  which with you cannot  do  anything, cannot put it in the poem because, in my example, I am forced  with  rime. Rime is a  good excuse for not so good  poem and,  on  the  other  side, can became  pretty  good. The rime in the good poem, in  the style of  mine, can  became wonderfull because I adore linquistic and  grammar; I know  the origin  of words  and how to   make a new  word which is grammarly correct,  all that all  in croatian, my mother language.

But  I am  doing the same thing in  English, only I  do not know the language. My inspiration for writing is Frank McCourt  because he  didn’t know either beautifull big  words  and sentences,  he is Irish  and a talent who succseeded to describe his owfull tragicomical  life in that way that he got a Pulitzer.


The best of me goes  out when I am provocated.  Then I see what  am I made of.


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