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Secret Language of Religions

October 7, 2012

                  Secret language of religions


It is unordinary to me how various religions look at God. Now I’m talking again about things which I do not know, but it doesn’t matter. Scientist discovered us an  importants of objectivity and knowledge, but  is that a wisdom? When you define a table, you think that it  cannot be a chair or bed, but it can. The things are creatures like everything is

I want to say that you can search God from the earth, but you  can  hear Him  from the  above. Religions , exactly , people often speaks like they do not hear God. They  are trying and trying,  they are even desperate in searching and talk about God, and  they are talking too much,  but not listening. Jesus, the Lord, is so  obvious and loud in his unvisibleness and  silentness that you cannot hear  or see Him if you don’t  stop chatting, making noise, looking „objectivelly“ on the world. You believe scientist, I aprichiatte  it, too, but they do  not believe  themselves.  The most important things  they do not know yet and never boder with it, many of them believe in God because you cannot not to be impressed with discoveries of science.

But religions talk like a foreigners, they have a  secret language and use tools from earth, not from God, like they do not believe. They  use money, which is one of the most  earthly thing, money looks so realistic, but with  that secret  language it all look like a lie. Money and  secret language do not go together. Even in charity jobs, giving understanding and listening the poor ones is effective more than giving  money.  It is good to give money, but for people ( who mostly believe  in God ) it is a good excuse. Charity is to give the word to anyone, not only poor because  really poor  people knows  God. And giving  the word of Lord becoming that secret language  which nobody can understand. Only you  know: oh, here is a preacher, I see.

I understand that people with secret  language, they hear something,  but  they , it seems to me, do not listen, they do not obay what they  hear and that means they have not enough respect. And we all know, Lord is to be respected.

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