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Death Like a Blessing

October 7, 2012

              I don’t want to change anything on this blog, although I- got problems. You know the story: when someone who can’t speak want to become a good speaker, we get Ciceron; and the one who is mad becomes a psycho therapyst.

I really can’t leave a comment or something, can’t edit my phone number, can’t chat and I became a blogger. So, don’t want to change image or describe of me but want to  thank   likers and  followers ,  You are   supporting me, I love your blogs  very much, I’m really in  the good  company and I am heaving a  big pleasure time  and learning so much. Special thanks  to WP,  I feel  protected a hundred percent.  I am abroad but safe.

Now, it is an  hour after midnight  here, I slept like a baby, was  tired of surfing, little reading and typing. Moments between  the night and  down are the best  to me for contemplation. I said that   human cannot be objective  and  I  mean it. Now, I am trying  not to try to be objective. You are loosing your opinion in such case, and loosing a self is a scary thing, worse than thinking about hard  dieing in agony  or thinking like this: soon, in few years, I will not exist any more, surely not like now  and I  like now, I love my life, I love myself, etc.

Looking forward must be looking at eternity, not death but real, good Life. Anyway, the death is a little sister of ours. If Christ didn’t die all my catholic wiews are falling  down. That I forgot  how it look  like, thanks  Lord. The Death is a thing which make us to  be alive. Death is what we are  proclaiming, not thinking  about Jesus like about an idol, that’s what  I hate. His death, we know the circumstances,

make us free of devil’s efforts to find a  home in our hearts.

Death is the most amazing thing because it kills  what is  not reachable, the devil, and what you can’t reach, you can’t destroy.  You  can’t destroy a destroyer. You can  only love everything you  find good. You have to love God   and take his  love which  means take  Him  with all what you are think  you are, even if you think  that you’re not perfect in  any way,  that’s Christ Himself,  that’s  is the only thing that is new in the world.

Because Jesus knows what’s best  for you,  but He do not  do  anything for you if you or somebody do not pray and ask Our Father in the name of Christ, it is wonderful to tell Jesus that you’re bad  when  nobody knows that but you and ask Him something important. Than He gives Himself and when you  get what has He done with  your  pray,  it is  unbelievable! I’m always surprised, that never stops.0710 139

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