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Drilling the Spirit

October 7, 2012


                 Drilling  the spirit


Inspiration is something what we all have.

For „poor in spirit“ Jesus  is the only inspiration  they have.

For others, their spirit has more or less, a talent.

A talent is a gift from above, from Holy Spirit. It is just one of many, many gifts.


People should follow their  inspiration in a simple way. Inspiration  can  jump very fast from the one side to the other and it is  good to take a little bit of time  for every jump. Than we see that some inspiration is short lasting, but some is going on. It is better to try to catch a lot of  things, one by one, like you are making notes, than stand still for a long time because you don’t know where to begin. What you’ve noticed  will appear again;if you are making  notes, you will come back  to inspirations  you have catch  a bit.  I am trying to say that you can manage your inspiration and drilling  your spirit.


 When I contemplate in God,it always stays in me  and  waits for the next right moment.




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