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Guilty or not?

October 7, 2012



                            Guilty or not?                         


I won’t tell  you about war. What I mean,  we are  making a  connections  with  countries  around us  with which we’ve broken former Yugoslavia, you’ve heard about it, I suppose.

We, some  day, have to  be the good neighbours,  all in   Europe  Union.  It is South East Europe.


Yesterday in news  and other programs, I have conclude that the history repeats itself. Citizents  are willing to start some kind of friendship, it is something  like America would become a  friend with terorists,  if you can imagine that. The friendship almost  is succseeding  berween America and former Russian Soviet  Union,  doesn’t it?


We, in  Europe,  have to investigate crimes from totalitaristic  systems, like fashism in  WW II, couse they were hidden, and the crimes of communistic era which were hidden,  too.

What I thing, communists here  are alergic on  hearing that somebody likes Germains, only because Hitler who, let us be honest, was terrible  and killed a million poeple (1,OOO.OOO ),  what nobody did  after him.


So, many will agree: the history  repeats itself. National aspirations  cannot stop burning,  nationality is too important in the being of humans.


In all that story, everybody trying to change, not to be nationalist,, you probbably know how Poland developed,

former East Germany and some other countries. Europe is  focused on  crisis  and  the justice is  reforming , I  am talking about trials.  Many people are occussed  now, in piece, from various nations. But, i have that feeling that only Croatians are generaly called a criminals when  expressing national feelings. Or it is only the subjective feeling of mine.

 That’s what some people here thinks , everybody was involved in  our little war, many are veterans. The political  writtes  are not a party, they are called nationalists and criminals, in den Hague Court, even in Wikipedia.  That’s all, that hurts  very much. After  war status is always worse in political way then the war itself. So, I am ill, but I am ok now and I have that stigma that I belong to the nation of criminals. There is  a  small number of  Croats , less  then humans. We are as big as a City of  NY.


Europe has political plans about which I do not no much, but everywhere in the world  I see national  aspirations  and to me is not clear how could we be the criminals  and so well come into  Europe  Union? Like  Europe doesn’t know ( because everybody is talking about econommy only) that Croatians  are  stigmatized. We all love our war prisoner and  veterans are in the jail with him and citysents, a lot of them.


So, in the history is always like that with that nation of mine.  There is no way to express  the national feeling to me; if I  say that I  love my homeland, it isn’t enough, I have to sing our old songs ,  but I mussn’t because I will get a punishment. Like I said, like I am a criminal , like I am stupid and do not understand the wind of change.  Here, in our minds, there is nothing to be changed. We shall see, that the blind man says.0710 2130  


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