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Seeing the Truth

October 7, 2012


                     Seeing the Truth



The truth is if you say that the thing you see is that what you see. So, we often say that  we do not see  the same. And then some make a conclusion that everybody has  his own truth. But  Truth  is only one. When somebody says that he sees Jesus, that’s always the truth.  If we are making a serious conversation, of  course, not only mentioning  His name because of habit, because maybe we have no better  word  for surprise or so.

It is easier to presume that we  need not to be clever and realistic in an ordinary, every day life. Nobody  wants to be conventional  a hundred percent. Specially they who are asking themselves important questions about life.

Be honest to yourself, love yourself and  say  that you see strange things every day, but cannot often tell that to anyone. It is dangerous only if you do not believe in  One God, I will say in Holy Spirit.


Because Lord is a person, and  persons are communicating

subjectively, and  Lord  is Truth, we cannot be objective. He is always here, with us and we are talking among  us, but always in front of Him.07102012  347

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