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The Sea, my Home

October 7, 2012



                      The Sea, my Home


Now, I am talking about the some kind   of war.

The land was in crisis. I got married  for the second time, had children with  me. Got pregnant.The war begun. My husband  knew all about it. Because we were of opossit sides  of nationalities, in my country, like everywhere  there  were suspisions, everybody suspected on everybody. My husband became a symbol of agressor to me. He only laughed to me.  Or he wasn’t at home, was at work always. We didn’t discussed about future because they said that it is a little civil  war which will not change anything. My husband knew that  agresors  are the fourth  bigest military force in Europe.

It seemed  like everything should be over in five minutes. But my country was attacked with Army and  almost occupied.

He decided to go abroad. Left me alone with two little children  and pregnancy five months .  Today  is the day twenty one years ago. “Migs” attacked our government castle. I went abroad, but closer to my country because the schools shutt the doors. I lost a job. Time was passing, my country organized itself for defence, asked to be approved like an  independence state.  The schools  in my country started to work and I came back home. After my country got approving, i had delivered a baby boy , my husband came for a while, but we didn’t talk, I was occupied with children. He had a job abroad and went. I’ ve became unconcentrate  with my baby. The summer came and  two older  children went on vacation. I was alone with a baby,  not knowing if I belong in my homeland or I am  the enemy. Gave a six month old child away, a friend of mine took the baby to his father.


Now, the baby is a big piece of man,  he lives by me, finished  the school here. He has three  homelands. I am ill and heavy, but he choosed to stay by me and  two other children.

He knows the languages, works  in tourism but  cannot get the job. He is feeling patriotic in three various states, but  the states are not in that nice friendship.

What can he do? Where to stay? Where he can live , work and make a family?


He decided to go on the sea, on the cruiser.


Wish  him luck.   


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