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A Visit

October 9, 2012

A Visit




Wilma was doing in the kitchen,  boys were sleeping and  I was in the  library,talking with my  grandmother  in low,whispering a  little  because she spoke very silent and I  had a feeling  that   I

will hear her  better.

 -What are you trying to say to me,  are you well…?, I asked

– I am not well,  Bill, but I know what I am talking about,  Wilma has a brother who wants his part of my dauther’s  ranch that Wilma has on her own now…

– Real brother, you mean… where, the hell, is he coming from….and what does he think….?

– A lawer of  Mrs. Willson told me that he,  Wilma’s brother, was asking about his rights. It was last  week. We all tought  that he is lost from the childhood and that there is no possibility to find him…he was adopted  and he  ran from the home  like a little boy….we never heard about him…that’s all I know.

-Wait, why was he adopted…?

-My daugther was too young to have a baby, she was on the Colledge and she promissed so much… answered my grandmother with tears in her  eyes. Her daughter was kill in the accident , together with his husband , when Wilma had to marry me.

My grandma was whispering:

–        Wilma  is the only one who  don’t know that she has a brother. Her father didn’t want to tell her, he hoped that he will find their son  from the young days and if he don’t find him, Wilma’s father thought there is no reason to tell Wilma  about him.

I stood there, thinking about the ranch and how to tell Wilma and when.

The worst thing was that that boy, that man could  know my secret: I was the byigamist. Will he try to get money from me? My  second wife was the other wife, I could divorce her, but she was the one with a lot of money in whole story and she adored me, she bought me, honestly. And, of course, she was alone and pretty. And what about the boys? The first  thing is  that I had to divorce, that was very fast conclusion.


The day after I were on the bussyness  trip. I came in the other  state and   telefoned Mary that I will meet her to tell her something important. She was at home, but she had a guest, a  handsome man who had  rough lines of the face.

-This is  Lindon, said Mary and we shake  hands.

-I have to talk with you , Mary…it is urgent, I said, but Mary was silent. Lindon  looked at me for a while, then he started to spek to  me:

– I am a member of the family and I do want nothing, I do want only a part of a ranch for piecefull vacation, I want  to find  my sister

And I want family or the friends, at least.  I won’t speak. I will help you if I can, but your bussyness is yours.

I was silent and the man looked at Mary and than proceeded:

-Your  divorce is on the way. I will live with Mary for the first time couse we don’t know yet should we have to live together for ever.

I was silent, looking at them and thinking how nice is the plan. Than Mary said to me that I need not to be afraid to tell Wilma  about her brother couse he is a wonderfull man and Wilma will be  happy  to have a new member of the family and  she will love him. Then Mary gave me   a hand and a kiss and told me to take a whiskey. We were talking about the bussyness and weather. I  felt like a fool, I wasn’t sad, only I felt guilty and, talking with Lindon who was  nice and clever, I decided  that at leat one thing I have to do the best I can, that was a conversation with Wilma and the boys and with my grandmother in law.




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