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Area Of Breath

October 9, 2012


Area Of Breath



SPEAKING about areas in human, I am starting with the fact that human is not a thing  which has a frame like he is in the cage. The human is, at least, something that is opened  and something that communicate. That is when we talk   that human is a  body and that he is a soul, too.

Thinking and feeling  and doing are mixed in human. That is all.


We need another information, another fact and that is that human communicate in a consious way, he is a conciousness. The body of human is a counciousness. It is the same with soul.

One more fact: human is a concience.

One more: human is an idea.

And one more: human is a will.

So, human is a body and he is a soul, but those areas which communicate are not  only what human is. There are more areas.

One more is, to make a conclusion, so called „spirit“, it means a breath, it means some kind of   an air.


That  facts were given from Holy Spirit and they are real.


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