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Coffee Time

October 9, 2012





Coffee Time


I WAS IN THE CORNER. Veterans had loud conversation with  therapist  about their rights to find a job and to work like normal people. The  other patients were start to play cards; a woman said: „I’m enough with you, vets“, and she went out through the door which  was always making noise. Somebody said that there are news on telly.


I had no coffee any more  and went in my room, to prepare for working therapy. The breakfast was ready and nobody ate it properly, but everybody  begun to make another coffee and to watch TV.


My friend came with me and we were drawing something, having funny. We draw war symbols and loughed and he really was much better than me.


The lunch time came quickly.

We stood in line for food, he stood with closed  eyes when the line moved. He   was standing with close eyes, so I asked him does he enjoy and he said : „ I look into the distance“.  People were in a bed mood because of food and staying in line and waiting so long. „ Like they will eat“, I thought.


After lunch sometimes was a meeting like in the morning, sometimes I went to walk in the big nice park with many various trees and birds.

My friend has joined me for a walk.  It was entertaining, although we spoke about serious things.


The evening was the time for playing cards.

At ten I went in my room while players were drinking  coffee.

About two after midnight I was in the living room with  a cup of coffee and cigarettes. Couldn’t sleep  and was walking around the room.  Some were entering to ask a cigaret and gone.

At five came the another friend and we  started together a new day  with a first morning coffee.


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