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Dangerous Thoughts

October 9, 2012







               Dangerous  thoughts



It is very close,you know, my illness and my faith. I’ve heard that religion doesn’t go , doesn’t match with psychological problems. I know what does it mean.  First thing is that you  must see the difference between some kind of believing

and real faith which is expirienced.

The other thing is that you have  so called halucinations and you start to believe that  there is something in some kind of different  reality and if you have not  a  pretty  strong faith, you became  a believer in „something“, which means nothing.


Believing in something , or in something like that there is some kind of  mind or a  law is believing in nothing because it has no connection  with every bit of you, your life and the world  and  there is no logical  explanation. Here we are in front of the wall: how far we  can  make a logical explanation?

Some scientists know, but most of us don’t.  Most of us are not  close  with logic.


Because I  had  some various ( it is very important to  see that difference, too ) seeings, smellings , voices  and  events ( because other people was involved ), I know that most of that has no connection with anything , only with my soul. So, I say that there is a different reality in the soul.  Science says that there is all in mind, I agree, but I know that the spirit is something what is bigger than mind, that I believe and that  is Holy Spirit.


When  I speak about reality of soul, I do not mean that my mind is in this, I know there was no a  reason for seeing that things, there was  no connection, there was no logical explanation and that is for the science to explore. That  is a mental damage.  I only believe that mind helps the spirit to proceed informations from soul to another soul, another been, another person. And that is not a mental illness, not only a mental work.


So many words…


There is an explanation, but  we do not have  all facts.

I   feel  sorry , a little,  for that people who do not believe in one God,  but I am very sad when such a person is ill and try to  explain himself that halutinations. You can die how tragicomical it is,  those  talks of people  about various happenings and reality. They are ill, but they  have to learn, to study and to work what they love to do in creative way. I  think that is only way for them, for us to get  healthier.



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