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Human In Area Of Spirit

October 9, 2012


              Human In Area Of  Spirit


If I didn’t get the answer to my letters which nobody saw, I could never speak about  the various fields in the soul, the fields of  various kind of  reality.

I am making  a contemplation  which is based on the fact that Christians are connected in Holy Spirit. That  is for real , that is some kind of area in human which depend of God’s love for his disciples. Human  do not want to escape the love which he was heard from  Jesus in the  glory of Father , in  the community of Holy  Spirit.

First you have to quit a selfishness and love yourself in a nice way. After that you can love another person. Then you have to accept the love from Jesus, it means accept the possibility that  you are going on the cross, decide to  take everything  what  has to be. That is really only your private matter. I remember when I told Jesus that I will go behind Him, but  that I cannot imagine what does it really mean for me, for my life, for my everything. I said to Him that I love Him and that I adore every word of Him in the Bible. After that He gave me  some kind of spirit power and I was pretty reasonable and brave in my illness which  became very bad. I’ve learned to take the suffer, pain and death like something so natural and normal that it wasn’t  an obstacle in my life. I had to do that,  somebody had to  do other things.

After some time the life became easier and easier.

I’ve  learned , too,  that all,  but really all my asks to Jesus getting  the answer. I stop to ask, because I was afraid of myself.  Now, I ask Him only really important things and often I talk to Jesus why I ask Him this or that.  It is because I want to control my life, I do not want to hurt somebody, and I do not want to lose His  mercy.


But, I didn’t find a close friend. And I have that thought  that I know more than others  about people, about the world and about the connections  among people in time and space. My spirit has developed.

Than I find a person who started to telling me the things in the same way I was telling things sometimes  to people and mostly to God and to myself. We became a friends in Holy Spirit, but that person know many more things than I know.

I know that he  loves Jesus more than anybody like I do, so, our love and friendship    last because of Jesus. It is not enough to love human, you must love Jesus and than  you can love humans.


There are areas in human , but complete human is in the area of spirit.










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