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The Example Of Contemplation

October 9, 2012



   The Example Of  Contemplation


I was trying to connect

my world of ideas with reality, that is happening in spirit, in  contemplation. In contemplation you can do the the thinking about you saw that they are the fact. You are thinking than how to realize and that all in the light of fidelity.

The result of such a contemplation have to be a  conclusion  which is a fact, too and  real.

A contemplation can last two hours or  it can take many times of two hours contemplations.

A contemplation is a prey and talking with Jesus. So, if you say a pray, you are asking Jesus to help you and than you think about a facts about human.


One fact is that we do not no for real what is a human made of. We think for sure that a  human have a body. And have  something we call soul.

The fact is that the soul is the same thing, it is a human like the body is a human, too.

The conclusion is that a human do not have a body and soul. The conclusion is that a human is body, soul and spirit.

Explanation: it is wrong to say „ I have“. For real

it is a fact that „I am“ my body and my soul and my spirit. That is because a human is not and cannot be  bordered  with something like a frame.


That  is a little contemplation  which ask deeper thinking about it and new contemplation about the fact that a human is not in the frame like in the cage.







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