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The Eyes Problem

October 9, 2012


The Eyes Problem



I was arriving from the desert. The worse was I was so sleepy that I couldn’t measure how far is the house and the tree I see. My eyes were so tired that I didn’t notice that I can’t walk.


It was not for the first time I saw  the end of a desert. Always I failed, it only seemed like it was  the end. But  I  have learned how to  recognize the  picture in  my mind when I spent  more  days  and nights in that area. Nights were  warm, too.


I saw little  animals in the sand  and knew they are there for real. By nights there were animals, but mostly there were bright pictures in my mind.

I  was afraid of that pictures, I  wasn’t afraid of snakes because  I knew that they can pass me or kill me. But pictures  was scary, it was probably  a reaction of seeing snakes  during the day. And the sun was  the enemy number  one, it reminded me  that I have the blood on my lips and something alive on them.


Sometimes only I had a  headache  and saw water, lakes, rivers, glasses of juice, that man  in grey and I always thought that I have only to escape that man and I will be out. But he was  a few times in front of me, no matter how far I walk, I couldn’t reach him.


 Once I  saw that man in grey little above me, in front of me and I knew that he is only a picture in my mind. But I knew him from  somewhere, I was  trying to remember where have I met him and when, was it a  few days ago or in my childhood.

I couldn’t guess how old is he, he looked young , but he has some shadow of wisdom  on  the face and some kind of very big intelligence in the way he looked in my way. I didn’t see  his eyes, he was  whole only in  grey.


So, that man wasn’t behind me when I saw  the end of the desert and that house and that tree. It looked like animals in the desert, not like bright pictures. And I came near the house,  but my eyes closed and I saw that I am laying on some kind of  hard earth; there was not a sand any more.


Somebody took me and next  thing I saw was a very little glass of water in the black hands of  a woman  who whispered  me something. I was drinking little by little from that glass in that moment and many moments after that, days and nights.


In the one of that moments, I felt calm and happy: I knew that the desert is behind me. 


The hell begun when I saw myself in the mirror.

You know already what I saw:  I am that man in grey.  09102012  115


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