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A Sign

October 10, 2012

                 A Sign


Yeah, that’s it, community of the Holy Spirit. Not to forget big gifts of Him. It is not like saying nice words. It is without words.  It is not like we all are listening a preacher and answering only when is time for all of us to say  the other part, like the word „Amen“; no, I do not mean that we understand each other in that moment. It is in silent, but who knows what we are thinking in such a silence, no,  the  community of Holy Spirit is understanding, as far as I know, understanding somebody’s intentions, will,  feeling, and understanding in what condition is somebody who need not to be near you,  sitting and listening, talking…no, there is  not a word, so you can speak or think in any  language you want, it doesn’t matter. And it is some kind of close knowing somebody, but you do not need to know even  who is that, what is his name and  in  the same time you see that there  is something bigger than that knowing a human and that is a Person who  is God who is watching and  saving you and that human you understand. You do not need special signs, you , the first, simply know what is happening, and the  other thing is that you can have only your signs, which only you understand, but it need not  to be a sign because the sign is The Sign Of Jona: you are like forced to speak about the Lord and to talk to people about Jesus. And the sign is healthy heart.







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  1. Did you just say forced?
    The only thing the Holy Spirit forces you to do is to love.
    Love because that is why you were saved.
    You were granted freedom by Christ, the freedom to love and spread the good news willingly with both your words and your life. We are not forced to do anything, that is getting bound again.
    “It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” (Galatians 5:1).
    Your labour has not been in vain. Time to enjoy blogging has come! 🙂

  2. I said “LIKE” forcing because I don’t know the better word

    • Good! I get the point. Words are used to express thoughts and we always use the closest to our concepts. We all have a right to our individual opinions but are free to express them without imposition. You are not wrong in expressing your thoughts and I’m just expressing mine.
      Hope you are enjoying…?

      • wordsaver permalink

        I love philosophy, and you are the preacher, better than I am

  3. That’s nice! I just don’t think that anybody is better than the other. Life gives chances for everybody to improve.

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