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A Stranger

October 10, 2012



             A Stranger

I am not sure do I want of people to read my blog.

I like one right person, or few. Like in friendship. It is because I have a use of them. I badly want to write on my own, I do  not listen advices, but it is so nice when somebody says: that is very good. And it is rare. I was writing in the childhood and once again when I was alone. I have written too many things and all I throw away. I had a clever thing to do. And , now, I am the  old beginner. And too lazy to see a good point, because if I have not a good point, and short, it will be nothing.

What I think about conspiracy theory is  that it is art, to turn the whole world upside down with one theory which is based on fiction, that is art. And to make so many evidences for that theory. It is a good literature. Other I did not read. And I am a stranger in my own home, in front of the blog.


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  1. The days of being a stranger in your own blog are over! 🙂

  2. You seem to be like very young to me, with your enthusiasm

    • Young is a relative word. Even a one-year old child is already old, to an extent. So, I will admit that I’m relatively young. 🙂

      • wordsaver permalink

        I saw you: you are the preacher. And I love philosophy, but can’t read so much

  3. I will try to keep my words simple. I enjoy philosophy and anything related to wisdom.

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