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Face To Face With Globalization

October 10, 2012



I am not sure that I understand what globalization means. I like to watch a reports from all over the world, but I hardly  say hallo to my neighbor.


We are together with Internet, with Army, with Economy and the idea is perfect. Like we  have a common enemy outside in Space, it is like a good, science fiction movie.


But small nations like to have independence, will they get it in some other, new way, in the global sense?


What do we do with Politics? I mean, let’s talk about banks, economy and so on…and the Politics do it’s things, in every part of the world.


We will have new wars.


And the Ecumenism, that is what looks like impossible.


From my point it seems more important to work on yourself and not on the others. I think that we cannot look one each other in the eyes. And we are looking for new people till the moment when we have to look at them in the eyes, when we are running from them and again,  we are going to find somebody another or something another, like a very good idea of  globalization…too idealistic.



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