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A Novel Flow Of Consciousness

October 11, 2012


I’ll save it for midnight



It seems you  were awaken last night, but I don’t  remember. Now, I’m trying  to give a hallo, I was exhausted. Because I went to  pray  and it wasn’t  like ussual and I couldn’t  be still in front of candles and blue light ; it was some kind of meditation ( I like the part from the Holy Bible ), it is not my way.  Maybe you’ll  understand. Today I can’t go to adore and I decided to celebrate anniversary, bdw, I  am odd to.

Thinking about  what I hear  about Nobel Price, it is not important any more. Because of globalization , which is used in the various ways and generations after shell  see what is the damage of it. And what is good. Maybe I’ll hear from you more  today, but now, like I said , I see you with my bones. It is like  fifty five minutes, four  hours, nine months and seventeen years of troubling and torturing and I may be proud of and for and because of you, thank You, my mercy Lord, our  Father for all your blessings, You are three times Holy,  large is Your glory. I beg, let thy merciful will come.








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