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A Stone Column

October 11, 2012




A Stone Column




She ran away from the temple, breathing hard and not knowing what to think. She didn’t want to think. She had an image in front of her, probably on the road, the image of bright walls and  a darkness from the ceiling. „What was it?“, she repeated over and over; „ I had to  stay… I had to stay,,,“.  She wasn’t brave enough to look inside her heart and make a difference between her love for Witness and obeying God’s will, she didn’t know, she was not sure, she had not enough trust in human. But, it was too late.

He tried to learn Showgirl how to celebrate  the Holy Spirit in the word of Bible . She  was so different, so restless; she reacted on his every glance, but like she had not a respect at all. He had to see how is she going out, in what way, what does she do because she was always behind,  invisible. He had to follow her, among a few people … she was on her knees, behind the stone column , but suddenly disappeared… and he thought: „What was it…?“.










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