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A Year Of Faith

October 11, 2012


A Year of Faith






I know, it will last.  It is not so important to be  on the beginning, human  have to  be faithful till November, 24.2013. and than, what? I understood that it has to  be  a spiritual renewal, the presents in the world. You  have to love the world and in the same not to  be from the world. Meditating is something that some religions use, that is  what is from  the world.  I can’t do the meditation, it  is some kind of partly emptiness; I have to contemplate, to pray  and recognize  and  to see,  to know and  use  every possibility I have, what includes  brain, too. I do not have   to prepare  for God,  I am the  citizen of  the world which never ever prepared me for anything. And I am not the world , I am the spirit which flows, that is flying, blowing everywhere , but through  the world which is poor, not in spirit, but poor of spirit as far as I can see and I can’t look at that too often and too long.


I am like  Saint  Paul, convert,  I was from the world for a long time and now I see  why anybody  didn’t show me anything till I alone , in the Mercy, saw: believers do not let the people in the kingdom of heaven, many are under the laws of the world. 20:11







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