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Stopping The Credit

October 11, 2012

    Stopping the Credit



All we are thinking is  how to eat and have fun.

Than we get ill and suffer. The illness pass and we are eating good again and we   are satisfied. But frustration is coming anyway.  We need many, and taking a credit. And ,  instead to stop with  credits, we take a new one.

I  broke my credit, I  stopped with paying. Went to jail. My wife left me.

In the first  moment in jail, I become a gay; after  that I have learned how to steal, how to lie and to look dangerous. I had books and cigarettes.

When I came back  in the society, nobody could gave me a job. I found a support, I’ve learned  to be a welder.

But  the very first thing was that I have to rob the Betting bookmakers; I enter one evening and had  a gun and I looked very dangerous, so, I succseed to get money and run.

From the beginning in my new company I was start to ask why we have not a better incomes; little by little, people have stayed on my side. The company  gave us a raise – something was not well. I found two of  all the bosses and gave them a money and hear a story that the company had a big credits which making investments on the various sides without order; there were  some illegal investments , so I conclude that they are frustrated.  I blackmailed for a while and when I had enough, I went from the town and bought a  little  house which was the  state property.  Than I have found that the former  owner is a mayor of the village whom people liked very much.

He was almost without incomes. I offer him to live in my house and he came and proceeded to work on his science exploring. We both were satisfied.


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