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October 12, 2012



Sitting like in a baby chair, liking the language, I am wasting my time. But there is no such a thing like wasting  time. I am learning.  And gave all money for this. For writing and I mean writing on a  blog. I have to change my „About“ almost every day. I  am not a  new one here any more, but it doesn’t mean really much. I have a few new words and learning grammar.I put the chair upside down  , so I can lay back because I am on the floor days and nights. I must buy batteries for the remote control.  But  don’t need to do  that today.

I am resting, having a good time. I like the  „ings“ and „lesses“ and „nesses“.¸and what am I doing with my own language, it needs a translation, too.

That I love so much, to explore the new words which are not foreigners and are grammatically correct. Some maybe look at it like it is whine, so the googy  says. Is this something like vanity?

Writers have it, don’t they? Than I will became one. With spelling is  something what you can have openly, in case you’re a foreigner.  You can  speak my language if you come to me, but it need not to be perfect. It  can be only yours, unique language. That is  a globalization.


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