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Tile In The Mosaic

October 12, 2012

 Tile in the Mosaic


It it finished. It is all over. Blessed is the loneliness. My purpose is done. Love the fresh air from the outside, entering through the open window. It  marks my fatigue. And was doing with all my forces, now tired, put the last tile in the mosaic . It is done, even I’m not satisfied. I do not need to know how it looks like, to see what I’ve done.

It’s all because I do not know where to go, but God will provide. I  see why humans are going away.  It is like resting from all; like doing the brake, like watching what’s next. I don’t really mind the past two months. I did my loneliness  in one piece. I didn’t have a break down or something. Yeah, that is good. That is what  now  has to be.

I see the  step in front of me, it leads down, but the other is up again.










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