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October 14, 2012


 My View On The War



I  live across the street from the military center, that’s my  street view. On the other side of a house, which has three floors, there is a nice   part of  backyards with some wild little houses and workshops, but full of high, beautiful cherry trees  with  rich  crowns with many  branches; i  have a  very big windows  there, which are till the  half meter from the floor and you can look through the  window,  sitting on the bed, seeing terraces  and roofs, antennas and treetops.

 It wasn’t so hard  to look  what is happening on the street, in case there that were not alarms  which howled every day against  air danger  and people from the East, who were searching shelter  from the „migs“ and entering in the house,  talking about bombs and how the house is bad   for shelter because „ one bomb hog could destroy it in a second“ ;  and it was not so bad to went shopping in a hurry, looking  where  the kids are; they were playing on the street. It wasn’t  bad to  watch  how the soldiers are going out from the barracs, surrending  in peace because it was just an administrative center without heavy weapons; only rifles were  making some shots, but  surrendering  was  good operation and it had passed in a day.

On the other side of  view, so to say, I was  very scary to watch terraces from the living and sleeping room because I have heard about snipers and I imagined the street  fights,  smoking  in the dark and on  the bright days; once some  told me „do not smoke“,  but I couldn’t help myself.

The worse were the nights,  when  we needed to cover the windows: nobody liked to see that some lights are always brightening in the dark , when   the „MiG-21“s  were shooting, it was to me a science  fiction, and when some afternoons were  calm, I  felt  fear, thinking  what could happened. It was nice to see kids at home.

I was  smoking, contemplating that my home is a place where I will rather die if I have to than any other place.

I never wanted  to have curtains on the windows because I like  bright room and a nice view, but even till recently, I felt discomfort when I had to light up a cigarette, sitting near the window in a hot summer nights. 



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