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To Love, to Renounce, to Believe

October 14, 2012

To love, to renounce, to believe


Dear Father,

Because I became your son in communion of Holy Spirit, the Body of  Christ and your disciple,  my priest and because I have experienced  it  in the friendship with a priest, I made a conclusion : without  dedicated  charity between humans there cannot be a faith.

It seems that loving other humans, or, at least, one person is not because of others, it is because of   those who loves.

So, to love the other like you’re love yourself means  get to know God, but

under some conditions:   you have to love somebody  fully and completely and to obey God’s word  and His will, and  to take the Body of Christ.

It means, first you have to disown  and to renounce  yourself and after that you are becoming baptized, born like the son of Yours and connected with You, that is a faith. In such faith,  connection between God and human are very strong , then a human can  really, praying permanently, practice love towards others.1410  1816





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