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Dialects of Internet

October 15, 2012



TO GIVE an advice doesn’t mean to give an inspiration.

 What inspire me is the style of writing and approaching to the writing. Many of us take the book, read the first sentence and one or two more from the middle or from the end. The best for me is to write before thinking and that you can read back when the writing stops. You can take a look at what have you wrote and catch the  thought of what do you else want to add.

I really wanted to say that the whole world learns English, but the other languages are affecting on it and today we have as many English languages and dialects as we have humans which speaks them.

It is interesting how the Internet English is a speaking area for bloggers who love to be writers, and  some learn about the internet and doesn’t know any other language : I knew the word „across“ and I’ve learned the  word „shortcut“, and a translator gives me the  word  „traversing“.  And this: „ before and more important“ – and that’s the style I’m talking about.

1510  1747




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