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The Third Vatican Council

October 15, 2012

An introspection

                    The Third Vatican Council


What Catholic Church is going through is nothing unusual. She is trying to become the body of world, so the world could become the spirit of Christ.

She comes to the sinners, even She is like that, but the saint, too; She is coming to the ill humans, because who has a health doesn’t  need a  doctor.

Why are we waiting  for the third Vatican Council so long? Because the whole East  of  Europe didn’t approve The Second  Council  yet. Believe me, it’s the big part of the truth,  of my reality. I see many differences  between  the talks of the  east and west; it was always like that, but with globalization many of blind humans here are starting to think about religion.

The Second Vatican Council ended in 1964. and we have had it on the paper only in 1994. Most of people are  simply  late  thirty years,  it includes me, too.



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