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Raising Children Philosophy

October 16, 2012

         Raising children philosophy



Didn’t know how to raise the children,  was very young and I didn’t raise them at all. But  I love them and respect them more than myself from the very first  moment. Didn’t give them many rules,  only ask of  them  to think when we had a conversation – it was be course I’m always  like that,  that is like an instinct for surviving.

People are changing,  if they not, there is something  wrong. The children around me see my changes and they  have no safety , but I always support their ideas  and whatever they do, they just had to report me about it and explain when they were  younger. They have  to build self-confidence on their own and on my modest support in  love.

I am always telling them if they ask me anything, in the way  they will  surely understand, but we do not know each other as well now and do not understand each other in everything be course we are the bunch of individuals, that  make me very happy, although it is not so easy to be what you really are. We are still growing and changing.

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