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Spirit Reality

October 16, 2012



When you are writing, it is a spirit reality which   need not to  be present like the reading  need not to be  a spirit  reality. If you are writing and somebody tells  you  bad news, you have a wish to go on writing, but it will be different, you want to write or about bad news or they influence on what you were writing. It is not need to be peaceful , quiet and alone if your start to write because you know what are you want to say and you are entering in the spirit  reality before you start to write and you feel the room, walls and maybe people,  you can hear them, talk to them,even talk about you are writing in the way they will be satisfied and leave you alone, it is because you are really more in the spirit reality of your writing, though in the same time you can participate in the  other, well known reality of every day easy life.

That I  describe like you have two fields of reality, but there are more fields of reality in human.

No matter about you are writing, the fact that you are writing seriously, like a good writer, is a spirit fact. You can’t prove it in science, you only can get the proof when you get a spiritual comment or reply of someone who has came into the spiritual reality while he was reading. Comment need not to be made in spiritual reality, It can say only that it is good , nothing what you can call spiritual but every day reality.

This is a very good example for those who say that they have faith, that they are believers, which is a different kind of reality, but you see they do not believe because they are talking about God like He is nothing but an every human’s day reality, like some who didn’t understand what were you saying in your book says : it is good.


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